TOP 15 FAQ’s

What Is Influence Asia?

Influence Asia is an awards show that honours individual and group achievements in the social media industry based in Asia. The show aims to be unbiased, fair and objective in curating her lists of the various categories listed here : Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Parenting, Food, Health & Fitness, YouTube Personality, YouTube Channel, Breakout Influencer.

The inaugural 2015 event was held on 7th December 2015, Suntec City Convention Center, Level 6.

This year event will be held on 6th-9th April 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. Do check back our website as we release new information regularly.

Where Is The Top 15 List and How Is It Curated?

You can find the list of of Top 15 over here (please note that they are not in any ranked order):

How the Top 15 have been curated in every category in every country (SG, MY, ID, PH, TH, VN, KR) is via a process and metric below:

1. Distribution (40%) – Unique Visitors / Followers / Subscribers on Social Media Platforms)

2. Interaction (40%) – Engagement (Likes / Comments / Shares on Social Media Platforms)

3. Endorsements (20%) (from 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2016) – Average number of endorsed deals of that category in that year.

How Is The Final 4 Picked?

How the Final 4 are curated is via a judging panel. You can find the list of professional judges on this link :

Judges have gathered in various countries to judge the Top 15 list, and submitted the list of nominees that has been ranked to us. This is via a metric that is shown below:

1. Distribution (20%) – Unique Visitors/Followers/Subscribers on Social Media Platforms.

2. Engagement (20%) – Likes/Comments/Shares on Social Media Platforms

3. Action & ROI (20%) – Conversion of sales or engagement

4. Industry Influence & Work Professionalism (20%) – Attitude and behavior that is portrayed within the category and country.

5. Creativity (20%) – Copywriting and Choice Of Photos

Based on the ranking given by the judges, Influence Asia 2015 then proceeded to contact the Top 4 Nominees of each category. Following any of their refusal of nomination, the next in line will be invited. Should one of the nominees refuse attendance but accept nomination, the next in line will not be invited.

What This Means For You Being In The Top 15

That you are celebrated as the Top 15 of your category in your country, agreed upon by a panel of professional judges in the media, marketing and advertising industry. It means that you can also claim this title on your social media platforms, as a badge of honor.

1. We understand that some influencers have asked about Gushcloud being the producer of the show and if that will affect the nominations.

The answer is no. Influence Asia and her team of judges have included influencers from other companies in the industry e.g. Nuffnang (SG and Malaysia), Shoutoutstudios (Thailand), Elevation Partners (Philippines), Indie Collectives, Mediacorp, talent agencies who represent influencers, and even influencers who manage and freelance on their own etc.

2. Why would Influence Asia include everyone?

At Influence Asia 2015, the team believes in creating sustainability, legitimacy and mutual respect for all influencers in the industry. To do that, we aim to be inclusive, and unbiased. As such, the judging panel does not include any member of the organizing or production team.

3. Can I still be invited if I’m not in the Final 4?

Yes you can! 🙂 We would love for you to join us and celebrate with the rest of us. We believe in the spirit of collaboration and being inclusive. Please reply this email should you be interested.

4. Is this list used for any marketing purpose for the event?

No. It is not. And has not been used.

The list is published for transparency purposes.

However, brands and agencies might use this list when they are looking for top influencers in a particular country to work with. This helps YOU to get more endorsements and recognition.

5. How does Influence Asia market herself then?

We fly in top celebrity acts to be the award givers and performers.

6. Can I reject from being the Top 15?

Yes you can.

However, we would advise against it because brands, agencies and media might want to engage you as you are on the list. And that will only aid you, and help you create sustainability in your career.